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Update Your Landscaping

Updating your landscape can add curb appeal and value to your home. Adding a walkway, replacing a driveway, adding a pond or water feature, and adding trees and greenery can really make a huge difference in how yourself and others view your home.

When adding a walkway or replacing a driveway the process can be very tedious, but using a backhoe or excavator can help immensely. Backhoes and excavators quickly break-up and remove dirt, broken rocks, or cement pieces, so they can really make a landscaping project move quickly and go more efficiently. Once all the old materials are removed, excavators can be used to move soil and level out the area that the new walkway or driveway will be built on.

When adding a pond or water feature digging a whole large enough can be the most time-consuming part of the whole process, but with an excavator or backhoe the preparations can be done in no time at all. When digging the hole, however, be sure not to make it too shallow or too deep, and keep the pile of removed dirt close by but also out of the way of sliding back in. The soil you remove will likely need to be used for filling in any gaps between the hole and the pond mold, or for adjusting the look of your custom-shaped pond!

For adding greenery to your lawn, backhoes and excavators can not only prepare the soil in the area you want to plant in, but also make setting new trees and greenery in their holes more simple! The long reach of an excavator will allow you to position trees in hard-to-reach places or on difficult terrain, such as hillsides.

When updating your landscaping, excavators and bobcats are one way to make the project go more smoothly. Be sure that you use the proper safety habits when using any large equipment, such as excavators/bobcats. When you finally decide to get started on your new landscaping, be sure to stop by Action Rentals for all your equipment needs! Action carries a wide selection of tools to make any home-improvement project more enjoyable, and less of a hassle!

Keep Warm This Winter/How to Keep Pipes from Freezing

Winter brings with it a world of worries for a homeowner, including higher electric bills, busting pipes, and water damage. There are things you can do, however, to prevent or minimize many of the risks associated with winter.

When it comes to frozen pipes and water damage, some pipes are more likely to freeze and burst than others. Pipes that are most at risk for freezing include pipes located in exterior walls, any plumbing on the home’s exterior, and exposed piping in unheated or poorly insulated areas of the home.

Now that you know which pipes are more at risk, there are some preventative measures that can be taken to prevent bursting and water damage. For exterior plumbing, be sure and completely turn off the interior shut-off valve leading to those pipes or faucets, then completely drain spigots and water hoses before the first major freeze of the season. For under-insulated walls, consider re-insulating before winter to not only help protect your pipes, but save on heating and electric costs as well. If a pipe has frozen in the past, or shows signs it has(such as water damage, mold, and moister build-up in the area), chances are that pipe isn’t insulated well enough to prevent damage come wintertime.

Another common way to prevent any pipes from freezing or bursting is to, of course, let your faucets drip during freezing temperatures. But what if your pipes do freeze? If your pipes become frozen, use a portable space heater, pipe thawer, or an electric heating pad to thaw the frozen pipe.

If you do decide to reinsulate part of your home to prevent frozen pipes from becoming an issue, Action Rentals has all the insulation blowing equipment you may need. If you end up with frozen pipes, or even have one burst, Action Rentals has pipe thawers, space heaters, and water draining equipment for you too!

When to use Aerial/Scissor Lifts


Aerial Lifts and Scissor Lifts are important pieces of construction and utility equipment. Lifts are used to elevate both people and their equipment, making them indispensable on almost any work site. While both pieces of equipment are vehicle-mounted, each piece of equipment is designed for different jobs.

Aerial lifts are most often used for maintenance or utility tasks where heavier machinery would not be an option. Aerial lifts are designed so that they have several jointed sections that not only allow them to reach great heights, but also move in different directions. These lifts are often seen in use by utility workers while they fix electrical problems or telephone wires. Aerial lifts are more versatile than scissor lifts and can reach a wider range of spots and corner.

Scissor lifts are elevated platform devices that generally only move upward. Scissor lifts often provide the user with more workspace and stability, making them more reliable for projects where a person may need to be elevated for longer periods of time. These lifts do not have the same versatility and ability to reach difficult spots that aerial lifts possess, as well as the ability to reach the same heights as that of aerial lifts. For indoor projects or simple projects where the worker only needs elevating directly upward, scissor lifts are more popular.

No matter the project, or the lift, Action Rentals has you covered!

Picking the Right Music for Your Next Event


Upcoming wedding or special event? You’ll need music!

Music can make any event more fun, but deciding what kind of music can be challenging.  Some people choose to use live music or a band, and some choose to have a DJ, but providing your own music can be an even better option!

Often, people don’t consider providing their own music at events because they think it would be too much of a hassle, but providing your own music can have some pretty impressive benefits.

When planning your special event, choosing your own music allows you more input into what’s being played, takes the stress out of finding an available DJ or band, and is more cost-efficient!

Renting the needed equipment to provide your own music is easy and hassle-free with Action Rentals. At Action you can rent wireless mic systems, sound systems and speakers, and even a laptop to play your music from! Action has all the audiovisual tools you’ll need to provide your own event music and entertainment!

Setting the Mood at Your Next Event!


Spring time brings about many new and exciting events, especially with the upcoming “wedding season”, but how can you make those events seem even more special? In order to insure weddings, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners have an intimate or romantic feel, candelabras can be utilized in many different ways. Candelabras can be used for centerpieces at dinners and receptions, or as decorations in entryways, ballrooms, and churches. Candelabras help set the tone and mood of many special events!

Action Rentals has a large selection of candelabras in a variety of different designs, colors, heights, and materials, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your special event!

2-4-6-8 Who Do We Appreciate? It’s Tailgating Time

Before you know it, football season will be upon us! If you want to throw an awesome tailgate and cheer your team to their next victory in a comfortable setting, make sure to check out our checklist for all your tailgate needs. Don’t stress over purchasing big-ticket items, rather rent and let us take care of all your needs.

Chairs – Make sure to have plenty of places for your guests to sit and enjoy food, company and the game! We have many styles to choose from, including, folding, cushioned and even child sized!


Tables – Keep your tailgate fun and functional with a variety of tables. We have 6 foot, 8 foot, round, square, rectangular and a wide variety of other sizes to meet your needs


Linens – We can help you support your team by showing their colors with our wide variety of linen colors and choices.

Canopy Tent – Beat the fall heat and provide your guests with a shaded tailgate with a canopy tent in a variety of sizes.


Food – Need a grill? Hot dog steamer? Popcorn machine? Snow Cone maker? We’ve got them all available for rent!

Inflatables – Provide some entertainment for the younger members of your tailgate crew with an inflatable.


For help planning your next tail-gate, stop by and see the experts at Action Rental and Sales! We look forward to showcasing the wide variety of party rental items we have. From chairs to china to lighting to tents to linens and more we have everything you need to have the best event in town! Stop by our showroom at 1861 Eastman Road, visit our website at www.actionrentalkpt.com or call us at 423-246-5181.


New Additions to the Action Fleet!

Spring is here and with it comes some new equipment for the Action Rentals Team!

The newest addition to our forklift crew is the 5519 Genie Forklift! With easy maneuverability and convenience of service, the 5519 Genie Forklift comes with a variety of rugged attachments accompanied by compact telehandlers to meet the needs of most construction, masonry, landscape and farming applications.


A new member of our work platform group is the NiftyLift SD50. The SD50 combines the best of many self-propelled and trailer mounted ranges. With impressive reach capabilities, yet still maintaining a lightweight drivable base, the SD50 is a great fit for a wide range of projects and varying site conditions.


Need excavation? Check out our new 35N Mini Excavator. With an impressive 26.5 horsepower water-cooled diesel engine with variable displacement piston pumps and two speed travel, the 35N is a great fit for your next project. The 35N comes standard with an A-F quick-change valve, a 10’ 4” digging depth, and an open-cab. For your next excavation project, consider the 35N Mini Excavator.


For all of your project needs, come see the experts at Action Rental & Sales in Kingsport, Tennessee. We have the tools and expertise to help you finish your “To-Do” List. Stop by our showroom at 1861 Eastman Road, visit our website or call us at 423-246-5181 for a complete listing of products and pricing.

Spring has Sprung!


Spring marks the start of a new social season. With everything from graduation parties, Cinco de Mayo parties, Derby events, and many more, spring is chock full of exciting opportunities to celebrate! Let the professionals at Action Rentals help you create memories that will last a lifetime!

If you are planning a graduation celebration, don’t forget to make it kid-friendly with our wide selection of inflatables and games available for a day or for a week! With everything from bounce houses and obstacle courses to basketball hoops and dunk tanks, Action Rentals has everything you need to help all the kids and kids at heart have a memorable event.

Be sure to book your festive-colored linens, tables and chairs for your Cinco de Mayo event. We have a wide selection of colors, sizes and styles. If you have questions, our experienced professionals can help you select décor that is sure to impress!

For a Derby party, with the warm weather and sunshine, check out our extensive selection of tents to provide shade to your group. Also, we have tables and linens that will complement your decorating theme!

Our showroom is located in Kingsport, Tennessee. We look forward to showcasing the wide variety of party rental items we have. From chairs to china to lighting to tents to linens and more we have everything you need to have the best event in town! Stop by our showroom at 1861 Eastman Road, visit our website at www.TheTentKing.com or www.actionrentalkpt.com or call us at 423-246-5181 for a complete listing of products and pricing.

Planning a Memorial Day Party!

The weather is warming, spring is coming! If you are like many and are thinking about having a Memorial Day get-together, now is the time to start planning! Here are some handy tips to make your event not only fun but hassle free!


Budget – Create a budget that you can work within and that allows some wiggle room for any unexpected expenses.

Theme – Choosing a theme is sometimes the hardest part of planning! Pick a theme that fits you and your style.

Guests – Create a guest list and make sure to get the invites out in plenty of time for guests to get your event on their calendars!

Food – Determine your menu (if you are cooking, make as much as you can ahead of time to minimize cooking on the party day! Make a timeline for cooking, freezing, thawing, reheating etc.) If it is a potluck, assign the dishes. Consider any extras you might need and make sure you have the serving dishes that you will need as well.

Timeline – Create a timeline of events / tasks that you need to accomplish for the party! Plan realistically, and don’t overload yourself right before the party, try and spread as many of the tasks as possible out over time. Also, make sure to include any tasks that you need others to do on this list as well.

Ice and coolers – With warmer weather, make sure you have enough ice and coolers on hand for your event.

Music – Use music to help set the atmosphere to match your theme! Playlists can be created well ahead of time, and all you have to do on the party day is turn on the music!

Relax and have fun – This is the piece of advice we give people most often. You’ve done your planning, now, relax and enjoy time spent with friends and family.

For help planning your next party, stop by and see the experts at Action Rental and Sales! We look forward to showcasing the wide variety of party rental items we have. From chairs to china to lighting to tents to linens and more we have everything you need to have the best event in town! Stop by our showroom at 1861 Eastman Road, visit our website or call us at 423-246-5181.

Project Safety and You!

Whether you are at home or on a job site, safety is of utmost importance! The entire Action Rentals team takes safety seriously and we encourage our clients to as well. Here are some handy tips to help you stay safe during your projects!


–     If your project involves using chemicals, make sure to read the labels and FOLLOW all manufacturer instructions and warning labels.

–     Before you dig, call the local utilities to make sure that you will not be digging where you could get hurt.

–     Protect your vision! Safety glasses or dust glasses will help protect against flying particles and chemical goggles will protect against exposure to fertilizers and pesticides

–     Be observant. Be aware of anything that could harm you or your family (power lines, water lines, trees, etc).

–     Check your lawn for any debris prior to mowing.

–     Ensure that any tools you keep at home are in good working condition. Damaged tools should be repaired or replaced. If it is a tool that you don’t use frequently, check and see if we carry it and that way you will know it is always in good condition.

–     In any project, use common sense. If something feels dangerous or potentially harmful, then it probably is.

We are more than happy to provide any knowledge or experience we have to make sure that your project is done with a minimum of hassle and a maximum amount of safety! We look forward to helping you with your next home or business project! Check out our website or call us at 423-246-5181