Prepare Your Home For Old Man Winter!

It seems hard to think about fall maintenance while it is still warm and sunny outside. However, since our region can cool down quite quickly, it is best for you and your home to take a weekend and tackle these fall home prep tips. Here’s a few fall home improvements and “musts” that help maintain your home’s value, year after year, while possibly saving you money on costly home repairs in the long run.

One of the first items on your list of fall home improvement projects is to address any window problems or issues. This is easy to do by making sure all windows are caulked and that the seals between windows are snug and will not let in water. While checking windows, it is also an excellent time to check for drafty windows and doors.

Next on the list should be thoroughly checking your furnace to ensure everything is in good order. While it is a bit uncomfortable to have the heat at full blast on a hot day, however, it should not take very long to make sure that the furnace is working. While you are letting your furnace run, it might be a good time to check your pipes. For more information on freezing pipe prevention, check here for a blog we posted last year!

Now it is time to head outside to continue your fall home prep.  Make sure the chimney is clear of bird nests and that the chimney cap is still in place. Also, make sure to be on the lookout for anything that could be a fire hazard. While you are on the rooftop take the time to inspect your gutters for any debris. After the wind and rain this summer it is vital that your gutters are cleaned before the fall season. If this step is neglected you could wake up to a gutter full of frozen leaves, ice and snow and increase the risk of a roof leak. This is one fall home improvement project that definitely can save hundreds of dollars.

After completing your inspection of the chimney and gutters take some time to walk your property looking for any weak tree limbs that may cause damage to your home or surrounding power lines.

While inspecting your home, don’t neglect your mailbox, which is often overlooked during fall maintenance projects. A lopsided or old mailbox is likely to fall over when winter comes along and snow piles up. Besides, it doesn’t add much of a finishing touch to an otherwise nice home. So take some time and pay attention to your mailbox while completing your fall chores.

A final tip that may seem odd… Take a photo of your garden as you empty garden pots of dirt and put them away in the garden shed for the year. Ever forgotten to tend to your garden while tending to your fall home improvements? It can be a major mistake because spring can greet you with the sight of broken and shattered pots. It is a bit easier to head into fall if you have some reminders of our garden to comfort you during the long winters. So we take photos of garden arrangements and plants that were particularly liked, serving as inspiration for next year’s garden.

Here’s to a great fall season and a minimum of home repairs!

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