What to Plant in the Spring


Spring and summer weather means it’s time to garden!

Every vegetable and flower is different, however, and that means they need to be planted at different times throughout the year.

March is the perfect time to plant Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and turnips.

April is the time to start on beans, beets, and carrots.

But what about May?

May is the perfect time to grow almost all of your favorite vegetables, without any risk of them being destroyed by a sudden frost. Cucumbers, sweet potatoes, peppers and more can be planted in May to insure your garden will be in full swing by the middle of summer! May is also the perfect time to plant some of your favorite summer fruits such as watermelon and strawberry plants.

To be sure your garden is ready to grow all the delicious fruits and vegetables you’ll be craving this summer, you’ll need the right tools for the job! Action Rentals has tillers, seed sowers, pruners, and all the tools in-between, for gardens of every size!

Picking the Right Music for Your Next Event


Upcoming wedding or special event? You’ll need music!

Music can make any event more fun, but deciding what kind of music can be challenging.  Some people choose to use live music or a band, and some choose to have a DJ, but providing your own music can be an even better option!

Often, people don’t consider providing their own music at events because they think it would be too much of a hassle, but providing your own music can have some pretty impressive benefits.

When planning your special event, choosing your own music allows you more input into what’s being played, takes the stress out of finding an available DJ or band, and is more cost-efficient!

Renting the needed equipment to provide your own music is easy and hassle-free with Action Rentals. At Action you can rent wireless mic systems, sound systems and speakers, and even a laptop to play your music from! Action has all the audiovisual tools you’ll need to provide your own event music and entertainment!