Adding an Addition to Your Home


There are many different ways to expand your home. Additions can come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and offer unique opportunities to the homeowners. Additions, for instance, may allow you to change the look of your home, or to create a new statement for your home, without having to redo the entire exterior space.

While the most common addition to a house attaches to the rear, there are more creative ways to complete a needed addition. If you do want to add to the back of the house, however, you can always use a material that matches the roof or shutter colors instead of your main exterior material. By using materials different than that of the brick or other products that may match the current exterior material more exactly, you will bring more interest to your home’s exterior.

Another good idea to consider for home expansion is to add your addition upward instead of outward! If your current housing structure will allow it, look into having your addition placed on another level, instead of simply expanding the first floor of your home. Not only will this option create a larger-looking home, but it may also be more cost effective by saving you money on the expansion of your home’s foundation.

Finally, when adding any addition to your home, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the project adds to the value of your home. When expanding your home be sure to not create an addition that overpowers the rest of your home or looks out of place, you don’twant your home to be overwhelmed by an addition! Any addition you put on your home should connect well with the landscape around it, for example, don’t add an addition and forget to bring the flowers/ shrubs that already fill your property out to match the new addition. Before beginning work on your home, especially if completing the job yourself, ask an architect or contractor their opinion on your expansion plans, their advice can be invaluable forbig projects such as these!

After you have decided what kind of addition you will do on your home, be sure to come see the experts at Action Rentals and rent all the contractor and building equipment you’ll need for the job!


Ways to Cut Wedding Catering Costs

shutterstock_151937276Did you know that the average wedding costs over $26,000 today? Many couples are trying to reduce their wedding costs, however, and one of the best ways to do that is by reducing catering costs. Food and beverage costs are usually a majority of the cost of a wedding, so it’s a good place to start looking for savings!

In order to cut costs, start by looking at cocktail hour and appetizer costs. First of all, skip the cheese platter, it’s an over done appetizer and no one will miss seeing it. Another option is to skip the raw bar and to have pricier appetizers, like shrimp and other seafood, hand-passed by the waiters or caterers, this option will greatly reduce the amount of seafood guests consume, while still offering the items for guests to enjoy. If you are going to do the hand-passed option for some appetizers and small plates, be sure to present them on unique, decorative plates or serve ware. When deciding on presentation and dishware, renting is a much more cost efficient option than buying, plus then you don’t have to worry about what to do with all those extra plates and dishes! When looking for interesting or unique dishes, be sure to check out Action Rental’s large selection of dishware available for rent!

The majority of wedding food costs accumulate during the dinner and sit-down meal portion of the reception. In order to save on the entrée portion of the meal, offer interesting pastas, such as flavorful filled pastas, or beef or pork that is in-season. Ask your caterer for a list of prices on meats and choose an option that is both cost-efficient and delicious! Another savings option is to have your dinner served family-style, choosing food that can be passed around a table will save you money because less food will be wasted this way!

No matter which way you decide to go with your reception dinner, Action Rentals has serve-ware and china that can be rented to insure your food looks good enough to eat!