Wedding Planning: Some Tips to make your big day easier!

Want to be certain all
your wedding planning bases are covered? Here are some tips that no bride
should be without.

1. Don’t forget…
Guests Come First

Before you decide on a
venue, have an approximate idea of the number of guests you anticipate.
 This will allow you to ensure that there is enough space for your group.
 A good rule to remember is to allow 25-30 square feet per guest.
 While that can seem like a lot, it really isn’t… if you count the space
you’ll need for the tables, bustling waiters, the band, and the dance floor.


2. Investigate
Wedding Blackout Dates

When planning your
date, do some research to make sure that it doesn’t fall on a heavy traffic
date (i.e. conference, charity event or other local event that could affect
traffic and hotel room availability).

3. Don’t forget Mother

When planning your date and
venue, make sure to take into account weather and sunrise and sunset times.
 Don’t forget, even the best-intentioned guests will skip out from super
hot summer and frigid winter weddings with improper heating and cooling.
 Also, remember that certain areas have the potential to be
“bug-magnets” during certain months.  Inquire with the venue and
research some options (pest control tanks or having bug repellent available).


4. Word of Mouth!

Sometimes one of the
best resources for a potential vendor is one you already have.  Let one
vendor lead you to another. Your photographer might be able to tell you which
florist is the best for your event type, and your reception manager could know
which band packs the dance floor.

5. Watch your

An easy way to cut
your budget is to cut your guest list. Approximately half of your wedding
expenses will go to wining and dining your guests. Thus, if it’s costing you
$100 per person, eliminating one table of 10 can save you $1,000.

6. Never hurts to

Before signing on the
dotted line request any “extras” you might like (within reason).
 Many vendors would rather secure the reservation than nickel-and-dime you
early on and turn you off. However, later on, they have less of a motive to
meet you halfway.


7. Don’t forget your

An often forgotten expense
is feeding your wedding day crew. Make sure you before sign contracts, that you
will not be  required to serve the same meal to your vendors that
 your guests will receive. Meet with your wedding caterer and choose a
less expensive (but equally hearty) meal for them instead. 


8. Time to get

It is easy to get lost in
the mess of all the correspondences, quotes and meeting notes you will
accumulate during the planning process.  A three-ring binder is an easy
way to track these and keep everything in one place and well ordered. 


9. Cheers!

On average, you will need
one bartender per 50 guests to maintain a short wait.  One thing to
remember as well, if you are going to serve a signature cocktail that cannot be
prepared ahead of time or in large quantities, consider adding an extra server
who can help!


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