Safety First

Whether you are
working at home or on a job site, safety is critical.  All of us at Action
take safety seriously and we encourage our clients to as well.  Here are
some handy tips to help you stay safe during your projects!

Make sure to inspect your lawn to
remove any debris before mowing

Ensure that any tools you keep at
home are in good working condition.  Damaged tools should be repaired or
replaced.  If it is a tool that you don’t use frequently, check and see if
we carry it and that way you will know it is always in good condition.

Protect your eyes!  Wear safety
glasses or dust glassed to protect against flying particles, and chemical
goggles to protect your eyes against exposure to fertilizers and pesticides.

If you are using any chemicals, make
sure to read the labels and FOLLOW all manufacturer instructions and warning

Before digging, call the local utilities to make sure that you will not be digging where you could get hurt.

Always look up and around you. 
Be aware of anything that could harm you or your family (power lines, water
lines, trees, etc).

In any project, use common
sense.  If something feels dangerous or potentially harmful, then it
probably is. 


We are more than happy
to provide any knowledge or experience we have to make sure that your project
is done with a minimum of hassle and a maximum amount of safety!  We look
forward to helping you with your next home or business project!  Check out
our website at or call us at 423-246-5181.

Planning your Valentine’s Day Party.

Recently Valentine’s Day has become some of our customers favorite holidays to have a party!  Here are some handy tips that you can use if you are planning a Valentine’s Day Party!  Also, make sure to check out or lights, tables, chairs, linens, DJ in a box, and dishes to help create the perfect mood for your party!


One Week Before the Event

       Review you guest list to ensure you have adequate tables and chairs

       Send a reminder out to your guest list

       Get all your non-perishable props ready


Two Days Before the Event

       Complete your grocery shopping

       Any food items that can be pre-made – go ahead and make those!

       Finalize decorations!


The Day Before the Event

       Have any rented items delivered today!

       Make sure your camera batteries are charged and ready to document your wonderful party

        Complete your decorations!


The Day of the Event

       Have fun and relax knowing your guests are going to have an amazing time!


Valentines Day is a great time to enjoy your time with friends and family!  Let Action Party Rentals help you make it memorable!  Check us out online at or give us a call at 423-246-8326.