Your guide to choosing the right tent!

Weddings are one of the largest and
most important events if a person’s life. Because they are so important,
planning a wedding can often times be a complicated adventure. One frequently
over-looked component of a successful, stress-free wedding is the tents.
Choosing the best tent option is easy when a few things are kept in mind.


As a tent’s primary function is to
provide shelter, make sure that the construction is sound.  Tent rentals for a wedding are an
essential part of the planning process. 
With the unpredictable nature of weather, tents provide not only shelter
for your guests from heat, rain and other elements, but also help with the
overall atmosphere of your wedding. 
A majority of wedding tents are white, so that they provide a blank
canvas on which to paint a beautiful and memorable event.


There are a variety of tent types
that Action Rentals offers, below are some of the most common!

Frame Tents

The ease of use with frame tents
makes these a winner in the tent world. Easy to move and assemble, frame style
tents do not need to be staked to the ground. Their sturdy construction and
rigid frame allow easy hanging of lights and décor.

High Peak Frame Tents

When looking at the tent options ActionRentals has to offer, choosing the high peak frame tent is a great choice.
These tents have majestic peaks and will make a great addition to the grounds
of your wedding or reception lending a sense of royalty. Add some cathedral
style walls with windows and these tents can host the ceremony. They don’t need
to be staked to the ground and come in various sizes to accommodate one’s

Pole Tents

These are the most traditional type
of tents with the stakes and side poles. The preferred choice for windy days or
unpredictable weather, pole tents are versatile especially when walls are
added. If it’s nippy out or windy, the walls can roll down to shelter the
guests and maintain a comfortable temperature. Remember though, pole tents will
require extra room around their perimeter to allow for staking space.

Selecting the right size

One of the most common mistakes
people make when it comes to wedding tent rentals is renting tents that are
either too small or too large. If a tent is too small, guests will be crowded
and uncomfortable. If the weather turns wet or cools off, there won’t be enough
room to hold everyone. Too large and it feels impersonal and cold.

Logistics and Design Ideas

Using satellite tents around the
main tents will add to the luxury and convenience for the guests and the happy
couple. Here are some ideas…

  • Bride/ Bridesmaids’ tent.
  • Provide child-care with a nursery and play tent.
  • A baby tent for changing, nursing or just a quiet
    relaxed place to calm a little one.
  • A separate bar tent can provide a cozy lounge
  • An outside tent for people to get some fresh air or
    cool off from dancing.
  • Outside weddings often rely on portable restroom
    facilities, supply guests with a tented powder room and a sheltered place to
    wait their turn.
  • Have extra pop up tents handy in case of space

When looking for wedding tent
rentals keep these important points in mind, come by Action Rentals and let us
help you choose the perfect tents to compliment your wedding.  Action Rentals is available to assist
all East Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky, Southwest Virginia and Western North

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Trenchers: The Right Tool Makes All the Difference

So what do you have planned
this summer? Are you planning to install the underground dog fence to keep
Rover from, well, roving? Is it finally time to add curb appeal with
low-voltage lighting? Maybe you’ve decided it’s time for a sprinkler system. If
you have any type of job planned where trenches need to be dug, you need to
give serious consideration to using a walk-behind trencher.


Certainly you can accomplish
your goal with hand tools. But you’ll save quite a bit of time with the proper
power tool, such as a walk-behind trencher. Even more important than your time,
you’ll save your back with this handy tool. Unless you are a professional
landscaper, you probably only need a trencher once or twice. Fortunately,
Action Rental and Sales has trenchers available for rent, allowing you to get
your job done with minimal investment.


For projects where a narrow
trench is needed for burial of underground electric lines, water lines, etc., a
trencher offers many benefits over other types of digging equipment such as
excavators. Trenchers create a smooth floor and smooth sides. In addition,
trench floors are even, which is difficult to accomplish with an excavator.
Trenchers also grind the soil into a fine state as it is removed. This makes
that soil ideal for use as backfill.


Regardless of how you dig
your trench, the first step should always be a simple phone call to 811. About
a week before you start your job, make the call, and they will send all
utilities to your dig site to mark any underground wires and pipes. Trenching
unmarked ground is a major safety hazard. As the old saying goes, “If you break
it, you buy it.” That’s true for any underground utilities you damage. And the
fact is that monetary loss could be the least of your worries in this
situation. The call to 811 is free, and it’s definitely worth your time.


Once you know it’s safe to
run a trench on your site, you can plan out the area where you plan to dig.
Landscape paint, similar to what the utility companies will use to mark
underground lines, is an easy way to mark your path. If you are renting a
walk-behind trencher, pay special attention to the safety precautions. The team
at Action Rental and Sales will walk you through the process of operating any
of our trenchers. Here are a few safety tips that apply to all trenchers:

Wear appropriate protective
equipment, such as a hard hat, safety glasses, ear protection and protective

Never wear loose
clothing or jewelry that can catch on the trencher during use.

Keep onlookers away from
the jobsite while operating the trencher.

Like any tool, a walk-behind trencher takes a little
practice to get the hang of how it is used. Following these tips will help keep
you on the right track as you use the tool to complete your project:

Before starting, perform
a worksite inspection, taking note of all obstructions, drop-offs and steep

Operate the trencher’s
engine at full throttle while trenching.

Start the trencher
before lowering the cutting parts to the ground.

Avoid making sharp,
sudden turns while trenching.


proper site preparation, the right tools and a little practice, a walk-behind
trencher is sure to speed your landscaping project. The pros at Action Rentaland Sales are glad to help you choose the trencher that is right for your job,
and they will show you how to use it. If you need delivery and pick-up of the
trencher, they can arrange that as well. So if this summer’s project requires
digging of trenches, remember you can save both time and your back with the
right tool: a walk-behind trencher.