Planning an engagement party?

It is that time of year, friends and family are getting engaged and you want to help them celebrate with an engagement party.  Here are some fun ideas for celebrating!

A Cocktail Party. For more than about eight guests, a cocktail party can be a better choice than a dinner party. For this engagement party theme  play. some jazz music, set up a bar, and serve trays of appetizers. To help guests mingle better, ensure that the appetizers are the ‘walk around’ variety, that people can eat anywhere. Another handy tip is to place the food in “stations” around the house / venue so that guests can mix and mingle!

 For engagement party theme decorations, you might find an embarrassing or too-cute photo of the happy couple, and bring it to a Kinkos to be blown up life-size and hung on the wall for all the guests to sign. For a game to “break the ice”, ask all the guests to write their best wedding or marriage advice on a cocktail napkin and then read each one aloud.

Costume Ball. This engagement party theme is far from ordinary! Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite married couples from history, the big screen, or the tabloid pages. Then have fun while everyone tries to guess who they are! Remember, engagement party themes don’t have to be stuffy!

Mexican Fiesta. Ole’.  This is a great theme that is a little more “low-key” than some others.  Serve Tex-Mex food or chili. For this theme, mix some Margaritas and play salsa music as loud as you please. Some decorating ideas include a pinata filled with adult-friendly favors, multi colored balloons and some sombreros

Afternoon Barbecue. This theme is very casual and encourages great interaction with your guests.  Fire up the grill, and gussy up your backyard for a fun party. Hamburgers, hot dogs, and beer are the usual fare, and music can range from country to classic rock. This event can be as fun as you and the guests want it to be.  However, one thing to bear in mind with barbecues is that someone is going to have to stand in front of the grill for a long time to feed the guests. 

If you are planning a party and need some help making it come to life, let the team at Action Rentals help make the event easy for you and memorable for you and your guests!  Give us a call today at 423-246-5181 and let us see how we can help!

Is your home ready for Spring?

Spring is here!  As the weather is warming and plants are starting to bloom, now is the perfect time to ensure that your house is ready for the coming months of sunshine and outdoor activities!

Here are some quick items that you can do to be “summer ready”.

Roof: Check your roof to make sure there are no leaks.  If there are, those will need to be repaired immediately to prevent further damage. Leakage can often be a result of flashing failure so be sure to check the flashing around vents, chimneys and skylights and repair as necessary. Replace any broken shingles and trim any tree branches that are touching the roof.

Fireplace: After your last fire of the season, make sure to clean the fireplace of ashes. 

Filters: Spring is a great time to clean or replace filters as needed in your home’s furnace, air conditioner, range hood and bathroom fans

Gutters and downspouts: Make sure that all gutters and downspouts are clean of leaves and pine needles, flowing well and draining away from the house. Clogged gutters can cause leaks and wood rot. Downspouts should drain away from the house to avoid damaging the foundation and basement.

Windows and doors: Spring is a great time to check all the windows and doors for drafts and ensure they are sealed as necessary.  Good sealing will help keep your home cool over the summer months.

Basement: Make sure to ensure that there isn’t dampness in your basement and to repair any cracks in the foundation wall. 

Siding and paint: Check for cracks and holes in house siding or paint, and repair as needed. Examine exterior caulking and recaulk if necessary. 

Smoke detectors: Spring is a great time to check and test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers to ensure they are in good working order. Batteries should be replaced at least twice a year to ensure they are in proper working order.

Plumbing fixtures: Check for leaky faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Replace leaking washers or cartridges as needed. 

We are more than happy to provide any knowledge or experience we have to make sure that your projects are done with a minimum of hassle and a maximum amount of safety! We look forward to helping you with your next home or business project.Check out our website at or give us a call at 423-246-5181.