Be Unique With Your Wedding Reception.

Are you planning your reception?  Trying to get the space formatted?  Most receptions seem to format the space the same way, guests are seated around large, round tables.  However, there are many ways that you can “mix up” your reception.  Don’t be afraid to trying something a little (or a lot) different, it can make a major difference.  With a variation in table styles, you have the opportunity to introduce variety. Variety in tables means varied linens and centerpieces.  Guests will surely be wowed when they take in the sights of your big day.

Long Tables

These are also known as family style seating or banquet seating.  Long tables are increasing in popularity quickly. Action Rentals has plenty of long tables to help create a unique and fun look!  These tables are perfect for family style catering service, rustic barn receptions and can be mixed in with round tables and square tables for added dimension in your reception space. 

Square Tables

Using square tables is a bold move.  Square tables have gained popularity over the years with our “fashion forward” clients.  These tables seat 8 guests and fill a room nicely.  Moreover, they offer ample space for centerpiece arrangements and add a sense of drama to the room with their clean lines.

Cocktail Seating

More and more brides are now opting to forgo a sit down dinner and instead focusing on their guests mingling.  A cocktail style reception allows for a variety of seating options including tall cocktail tables, short cocktail tables, smaller rounds and even lounge installations.  We recommend that if you choose more of a cocktail style reception that you might want to also include a lounge or intimate seating area for guests to converge in.  This will allow your guests to mill about without having to commit to a table for the entire evening and will allow them to be free to get up, eat, dance, and move around if they would like.

 Regardless of what style of reception you choose, let Action Rentals help you find the perfect tables, chairs and linens to make your dream a reality. Come by and see us at our showroom at 1861 North Eastman Road, Kingsport, TN or call us at 423-246-5181.  Visit our website at