Spring Lawn Care Tips

As spring approaches, many of us start to focus on our lawns! Remember, spring is a very important time for your yard and here are some tips to help your lawn be spring and summer ready!

While it is important to do yard work, we urge you to wait until the soil is drier. Foot traffic and hard raking will compact soggy soil and can damage tender new grass shoots. As the soil dries, remove leaves and fallen debris. Also, gently rake as this helps not only fluff up but also separates the grass shoots!

Spring is also a wonderful time to conduct a soil test to determine if your soil needs any alterations. You can apply lime to acidic soil (pH below 6) anytime during the growing season, contingent upon the grass being wilted or covered with frost. Note – do not apply lime within 3 weeks of fertilizing as the ingredients will react and become less effective.

If you decide to aerate your lawn, make sure to wait until the lawn has been mowed 2 – 3 times in that season so that you can make sure it is growing fast enough to recover from the aeration.

As soon as you see that your yard needs to be mowed, begin mowing! Remember, grass blades do best when cut no more than a third of the blade’s length at a time.

Spring is also a great chance to make sure your lawn equipment is ready for the coming season! Make sure the blade is sharpened and everything on the lawn mower is ready to go!

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How to Incorporate Rustic Elements into Your Wedding

The past few years the rustic trend has really taken off among weddings. Here are some easy tips and ideas to help bring a rustic feel to your wedding!

Whiskey barrels are great not only to help set the tone of your event, but can also be used instead of cocktail tables.

45664For your beverages, don’t be limited to a cooler, use a pretty galvanized tin bucket. Not only does this add to the overall theme of your event, but, it helps anyone serving drinks!

44851Chalkboards are a great way to present information to guests. These can be used to welcome guests to your event, tell people where to sit, show where the food is and countless other options.

45140Wooden boxes are great to use to set the theme on a buffet line! Guests will be surrounded by the theme everywhere they look!

45146Wooden tubs are another great way to display guest favors, flowers, and more and maintain your rustic theme!

45148Rustic themed weddings are a wonderful way to showcase your individuality on your special day!

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DIY – How to Install A Ceramic Tile Floor


If you are like many, this New Year has brought you a new list of “To-Do” items. If installing a ceramic tile floor is one of those “To-Do’s” here is a list of instructions on how to do it! At Action Rental & Sales Equipment Division, we have the tools you need to turn your next “To-Do” item into a “Done” item!

Step 1: Before you begin, get a general sense of how level the floor is. If you see any deep holes or dents, it might be necessary to prepare some quick-drying, self-leveling cement from a hardware store. Pour the cement mixture into any deep trenches and let it sit for at least 24 hours.

Step 2: Once the floor is level, chip away any old mortar and then thoroughly clean the surface. To make sure the surface is truly clean, you will probably need to do this more than once. Remember, the less dirt on the floor, the easier it will be for the cement to form a strong seal between the tile and ground. Next, remove any trim or other fixtures around the wall at floor level. Make sure to check and see if you have enough clearance by stacking two tiles on top of each other near any doors.

Step 3: Now that the surface is clean, lay out and diagram exactly how you want the tile to be placed. Measure the dimensions of the room, and pick a spot in the center to start. Use blue chalk to mark a cross pattern into the floor. Work your way out from the center. This will save you time so that you are using mostly whole tiles and only have to cut the ones that will be placed along the wall edges.

Step 4: You will want to get the mortar to a peanut-butter like consistency. You can do this by adding water. Helpful Hint – prepare small batches as you go as the mixture hardens as time passes. An easy way to do this is by attaching a paint-mixing bit to an electric drill. Use a notched floor trowel to scoop out a glob and spread it evenly across the floor using the flat side. You don’t need a lot but enough to evenly coat the floor. Once the area is covered, flip the trowel and use the grooved side to spread it at a 45-degree angle.

Step 5: Spread tile adhesive on the back-side of the tile in a fairly thin layer. This application, along with the trenches on the floor, will ensure a permanent and strong bond between tile and ground. Gently place (do not slide) the tiles. Use spacers to maintain constant grout lines if you prefer, but it is also fine just to eyeball it. Repeat until all whole tiles have been placed. Once you hit a wall or a space that requires a cut tile, simply measure out the dimensions and use a tile cutter to form the proper shape.

Step 6: Once the floor is completely covered, mix the grout to a frozen-yogurt-type consistency, keeping in mind that small amounts go a long way. You want the grout to fall into the spaces you’ve left between the tiles yet, still be easy to spread. Next, place some of the grout on the tiles and use a grout float to spread it evenly around. Make sure there aren’t gaps or bubbles. Scrape off any excess by wiping diagonally across the tiles. Follow the scraping with a wet sponge. Helpful Hint – Have a bucket filled with water on hand to wash out the excess. It will take a few passes with a sponge to remove the entire residue from the tile surfaces. Let tiles stand for 24 hours.

For help with this and any other DIY project, come see the experts at Action Rental & Sales in Kingsport, Tennessee. We have the tools and expertise to help you finish your “To-Do” List. Stop by our showroom at 1861 Eastman Road, visit our website  or call us at 423-246-5181 for a complete listing of products and pricing.


Planning a Valentine’s Day Party


It may be early in the year, but now is the time to start planning your spring get-togethers! If you are planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a party, here is a handy timeline to follow! Also, remember, just because it is Valentine’s Day you don’t have to use just red, pink and white! Feel free to think outside of the box and use any colors that inspire you!

Four Weeks Out

  • Create a budget
  • Choose a theme
  • Write a guest list
  • Choose a location
  • Send invitations
  • Decide on a menu (If you are cooking, make as much as you can ahead of time to minimize cooking on the party day! Make a timeline for cooking, freezing, thawing, reheating, etc.)
  • If it’s potluck, assign the dishes.
  • Order any extras you might need (cakes, pies, cupcakes, etc).
  • Confirm your rental items (plates, cups, glassware, coffee urns, tables, chairs, table linens, serving pieces, etc. Arrange for early delivery on party day.
  • If it is a large group, consider hiring help for kitchen, serving, or bartending.

Two Weeks Out

  • Confirm everything from 4 weeks out has been done
  • Assemble party favors, if desired.
  • Start compiling party music, games, and other entertainment.

One Week Out

  • Review Menu Preparation Timeline: are you on target with make-ahead dishes?
  • Purchase non-perishable food items and candles, firewood, etc
  • Finalize RSVPs.

Two Days Out

  • Make sure the venue is ready.
  • Purchase perishables such as meat, dairy, and produce.
  • Make sure camera is charged and ready.

One Day Out

  • Set table, decorate buffet, set-up the bar.
  • Purchase and arrange flowers and/or decorations.

Party Day

  • Purchase fresh seafood.
  • Buy party ice.
  • Take delivery of rented equipment.
  • Garnish party platters with fresh herbs, edible flowers, and fruit.
  • Eat something light before guests arrive.
  • Seriously. A relaxed host makes for happy guests.
  • Spin the tunes and greet your guests.

For help planning your next party, stop by and see the experts at Action Rental and Sales! We look forward to showcasing the wide variety of party rental items we have. From chairs to china to lighting to tents to linens and more we have everything you need to have the best event in town! Stop by our showroom at 1861 Eastman Road, visit our website at www.actionrentalkpt.com or call us at 423-246-5181.