Planning a Memorial Day Party!

The weather is warming, spring is coming! If you are like many and are thinking about having a Memorial Day get-together, now is the time to start planning! Here are some handy tips to make your event not only fun but hassle free!


Budget – Create a budget that you can work within and that allows some wiggle room for any unexpected expenses.

Theme – Choosing a theme is sometimes the hardest part of planning! Pick a theme that fits you and your style.

Guests – Create a guest list and make sure to get the invites out in plenty of time for guests to get your event on their calendars!

Food – Determine your menu (if you are cooking, make as much as you can ahead of time to minimize cooking on the party day! Make a timeline for cooking, freezing, thawing, reheating etc.) If it is a potluck, assign the dishes. Consider any extras you might need and make sure you have the serving dishes that you will need as well.

Timeline – Create a timeline of events / tasks that you need to accomplish for the party! Plan realistically, and don’t overload yourself right before the party, try and spread as many of the tasks as possible out over time. Also, make sure to include any tasks that you need others to do on this list as well.

Ice and coolers – With warmer weather, make sure you have enough ice and coolers on hand for your event.

Music – Use music to help set the atmosphere to match your theme! Playlists can be created well ahead of time, and all you have to do on the party day is turn on the music!

Relax and have fun – This is the piece of advice we give people most often. You’ve done your planning, now, relax and enjoy time spent with friends and family.

For help planning your next party, stop by and see the experts at Action Rental and Sales! We look forward to showcasing the wide variety of party rental items we have. From chairs to china to lighting to tents to linens and more we have everything you need to have the best event in town! Stop by our showroom at 1861 Eastman Road, visit our website or call us at 423-246-5181.

Project Safety and You!

Whether you are at home or on a job site, safety is of utmost importance! The entire Action Rentals team takes safety seriously and we encourage our clients to as well. Here are some handy tips to help you stay safe during your projects!


–     If your project involves using chemicals, make sure to read the labels and FOLLOW all manufacturer instructions and warning labels.

–     Before you dig, call the local utilities to make sure that you will not be digging where you could get hurt.

–     Protect your vision! Safety glasses or dust glasses will help protect against flying particles and chemical goggles will protect against exposure to fertilizers and pesticides

–     Be observant. Be aware of anything that could harm you or your family (power lines, water lines, trees, etc).

–     Check your lawn for any debris prior to mowing.

–     Ensure that any tools you keep at home are in good working condition. Damaged tools should be repaired or replaced. If it is a tool that you don’t use frequently, check and see if we carry it and that way you will know it is always in good condition.

–     In any project, use common sense. If something feels dangerous or potentially harmful, then it probably is.

We are more than happy to provide any knowledge or experience we have to make sure that your project is done with a minimum of hassle and a maximum amount of safety! We look forward to helping you with your next home or business project! Check out our website or call us at 423-246-5181