NEW L39 Kubato Backhoe

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What is a

A backhoe (can also
be referenced as a back actor or a rear actor) is a common piece of equipment
that is used for excavating or digging. 


What can I
use a backhoe for?

loaders are used for a variety of tasks, everything from construction, light
transportation of some building materials, minor demolition, digging holes /
excavation, breaking of asphalt, landscaping, paving roads, and more. 
Additionally, the bucket on the backhoe can be replaced with various powered
attachments (such as a grapple, auger, breaker or stump grinder!). 


What do I need to
know about backhoes?

Backhoes are
intrinsically top-heavy by design and the swinging weight of the backhoe can
cause the vehicle to tip if caution is not used.  Additionally, most
backhoe loaders utilize hydraulic outriggers only on the back when digging and
lowering the loader bucket to provide additional stability.  Thus, the
bucket must be raised and the outriggers retracted if the vehicle needs to
change positions.


The relatively small
frame and precise control helps to make backhoe-loaders incredibly useful and
quite common in engineering, construction, and repair projects in areas that
are too small to accommodate larger equipment. 


L39 KubatoBackhoe

Recently, smaller,
compact tractors from Kubota and other manufacturers have increased in
popularity among private homeowners.  These devices allow private
homeowners and contractors to perform projects in limited space while
maintaining their budget.


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