Setting the Mood at Your Next Event!


Spring time brings about many new and exciting events, especially with the upcoming “wedding season”, but how can you make those events seem even more special? In order to insure weddings, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners have an intimate or romantic feel, candelabras can be utilized in many different ways. Candelabras can be used for centerpieces at dinners and receptions, or as decorations in entryways, ballrooms, and churches. Candelabras help set the tone and mood of many special events!

Action Rentals has a large selection of candelabras in a variety of different designs, colors, heights, and materials, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your special event!

Fans/Vacuum Equipment


Ever wonder what you could use a wet/dry vacuum for? Wet/dry vacuums are not only used to tackle tough dirt messes, but spills and any wet disasters as well. Many times, some disasters such as flooding can occur, and a wet/dry vacuum is perfect to tackle household flooding to prevent long term damage. If a flood disaster strikes your home or business, Action Rentals & Sales is here to help.


We carry many different size fans as well to quickly dry up the mess after you have used the wet/dry vacuum to soak up most of the water. Don’t spend money buying these items and having to store them when you can rent them for less! Need it? Rent It!