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How to Use a Trencher


First, turn the fuel switch on and give it a little bit of choke. Next, turn on the key switch and lower the throttle a bit. Once that is done, shift the transmission into neutral and ensure that the hydraulic pump is off. When trenching, the wheels will need to be locked in place. To move the unit, disengage the wheels. Once the unit is running, give it some gas, activate the hydraulic pump and pop the transmission into forward.

Once you are located where you want to start digging, make sure to engage the wheels so they work together. Turn the throttle up, start the chain and auger spinning and then lower the bar into the earth. Next, lower it to the depth you want. Remember, getting it to the depth you want can take a few moments, so be patient. Once you are at the depth you want, the auger will be pushing dirt off to the side. You can control the speed by using the transmission controls.

Now you are ready to move! Once your bar is all the way down, shift your machine into reverse and start moving backward. Make sure that you are NOT in front of your machine while it is operating as it throws dirt and rocks in a forward direction.

As always, make sure you call 811 before you dig!

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Top Reasons to Rent Equipment for Construction


Getting ready to work on a project? Here are some top reasons to rent equipment!

1. Someone else coordinates, and pays for, the warranty, maintenance, and upkeep.

2. You get exactly what you need, rather than “making do” with something else.

3. You save money by trimming equipment transportation expenses from job to job.

4. You can avoid personal property taxes, depreciation issues, and license and registration costs for equipment.

5. Supplement your basic equipment with specific rental machinery ONLY when you need it. This will save you money in the long run, extend the life of your fleet and allow you to compete for more jobs.

6. You don’t have to pay to store what you are renting!

7. No worries about your current model becoming obsolete or missing the latest safety features.

8. You eliminate the cost (and hassle) of trying to sell or dispose of old equipment.

9. Free up capital for other needs!

10. Rental stores have the right equipment and accessories at a more cost effective rate than buying.

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