Thanksgiving Day the stress free way!

How to have a stress free Thanksgiving meal?

Yes, it’s that time of year when we start thinking about
getting family and friends together for the annual Thanksgiving feast.  The goal this year is to make it more
fun and stress free.  Below are
some tips on how to do this.


Begin now to do advance planning.  Write out a basic plan and prioritize!


– Two weeks before the big event     

your menu and prepare a shopping list. 

if you want people to help bring a part of the meal or to come help in the kitchen.

you do want help, make sure everyone knows what they are bringing and if they
need to bring a serving dish.

to see if you have all of the cooking equipment that you will need, especially
a large roasting pan or meat thermometer!



One week before Thanksgiving                                       


room in your refrigerator for groceries and prepared dishes.

grocery shopping and buy all non-perishables that you may need except for fresh
salads, seafood or fresh bread.

your turkey.


Three to Four days out


to thaw your turkey in your refrigerator.

your table linens, glassware and silverware ready.  If possible, go ahead and set the table!

your house.  Be ready for guests.


One day out


purchasing items needed especially perishables.

dishes that can be made in advance to bake or reheat the next day.

your menu to see if anything needs to be revised or added.


Thanksgiving Day


preparations early so that you won’t feel hurried.

all of the help that you can get. 

to be thankful for all of the family and friends that care enough to want
to be with you on this special day.

and have a wonderful day.


Let Action Rentals help take the stress out of your
Thanksgiving if you should need extra tables, chairs, linens, serving dishes,
etc.  All of us at Action Rental
are very thankful for you our customers and our friends.    


As O. Henry said, “ Thanksgiving Day is the one day that is
purely American.”  Enjoy this
special day!

Prepare the yard for winter!

Are you needing to get rid of some unruly tree branches or fallen limbs?  Well, a brush chipper might just be the tool for you.  Brush chippers are great to help with the recycling of unused tree branches and brush into mulch or woodchips!  They are very easy to use since they have an auto feed system which monitors engine RPM and controls the feed roller so that efficiency is maximized!

Brush chippers are easily portable since they are often mounted on frames that are ideal for towing behind a truck or van.  Power is provided by an internal combustion engine ranging from 3 horsepower up to 1,000 horsepower.  The typical output of chips is usually around 1 inch (2.5 cm) to 2 inches (5.1 cm) across in size.  These wood chips can be used for many purposes, with one such purpose being ground cover in the spring!

So, if you are looking at some unruly or unused tree branches in your yard and want to take advantage of a low cost way to remove them and recycle, a Brush Chipper from Action Rental might just be for you!

Call us at (423) 246-5181 or stop by our office at 1861 North Eastman Road in Kingsport.  We are open Monday – Friday 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM and Saturday from 7:30 AM until 3 PM.

Halloween will soon be here!

In recent years Halloween has become one of our customers’
favorite holidays! In fact our customers often ask us if there are any
suggestions we would offer to help in planning a ghoulishly festive event!  You
will want to check our smoke machines, lights, costumes, tables, chairs, tents,
linens, DJ in a Box, cotton candy machine and much much more.  Below are
some of our favorite tips!

One Week Before the Event:

-Review your guest list to
make sure you have enough tables and chairs.

– Send a reminder out to
your invitation list.

– Work on non-perishable

  Make sure your costume is set to go.


Two Days Before the Event:

– Complete your grocery

– Finalize decoration

– Any food items or dishes
that can be pre-made – go ahead and complete!


The Day Before the Event:

– Have any rented items
delivered today.

– Charge camera batteries.

– Complete decorations.


The Day of the Event:

– Have FUN! 


Halloween is a perfect time
to enjoy friends and have fun!  So, come down to
Action Rental at 1861 N.
Eastman Road in Kingsport or call 423-246-5181 to see how we can help you have
a ghoulishly fun Halloween party with our party and costume rentals.

Looking for the Perfect Halloween Costume? Rent one!

Got a big Halloween
party coming up and need the perfect costume?  Don’t like what you are finding at the department
store?  Check out the costumes
available for rent at Action Rental! 
Why buy when you can rent high quality costumes for that special party.

Folks of all ages love
a good Halloween party! Action Rental has everything from super heroes to
Barney Rubble to Dracula plus check out our hats, masks, wigs, shoes or costume
props!  No matter the age or if you
want a funny or ghoulish look- – we’ve got a costume for you!

Remember to capture
the ghoulish fun and silliness of the spirit of Halloween by taking
pictures.  For those wearing masks,
take a photo with the mask on and one without the mask. Also, don’t forget
Fido.  More people are dressing up
their pets for Halloween.  Just
remember that with pets, you need to be ready to take the photo fast! 

Have a spooktacular

Lawn Aerator

Action Rental  and Sales Inc.

Lawn Aerator – When & How To Aerate Your Lawn   Courtesy of    Aztec Rental     

Using a lawn aerator is a pretty simple and quick way to get your lawn and root system healthier. 

Now you are asking yourself, “do i have to buy a lawn aerator”, or “how much does it cost to have this done?”  That is where Action Rental comes in, providing you with a cost effective and easy to use machine to make this process as painless as possible.  

Renting equipment makes sense for most home owners.  For a process that you do once every 1-2 years, purchasing the equipment is out of the question.  Thats why every spring and fall we get landscapers and home owners in the store renting lawn aerators daily. 

Read below on some tips about lawn aeration.  Then come see Action Rental for your equipment, a company with the experience and knowledge for over 29 years.

Why Should You Aerate Your Lawn  

Lawn aeration is a very important tool in making your lawn healthy. Aeration involves making holes in the lawn either by pushing a rod into it or by “coring”, which is basically extracting a plug of soil. By aerating your lawn you are giving it and the root system many benefits, which include:  

  • Oxygen gets to the soil and roots allowing your lawn to “breathe”

  • Organic fertilizers and nutrients get access to the root system

  • Water is able to better soak the soil and reach the root system

  • Helps to break up the unwanted thatch in your lawn

  • Compacted, tight soil is loosened up allowing the root system to grow

When Should You Use A Lawn Aerator  

The best time and most recommended time to aerate your lawn is in the spring or fall.  If you are going to overseed your lawn, the best time and most beneficial for the lawn is to aerate in the fall.  A bonus of fall aeration is it will relieve compaction from heavy use during the summer season.  During the fall, roots of grass grow quickly, so the extra space, air and water will aid good root growth before the grass goes dormant or slows growth for the winter.  The spring is a good time to aerate to jump-start the lawn renovation from the winter.  It allows organic matter and fertilizer you put out to get to root system.  

How To Aerate Your Lawn  

To get the best results before you use the lawn aerator you want to mow your lawn lower than normal.  Also, water it well for two to three days before aerating.  You want to have a “moist” lawn when using an aerator, a “hard” (no water) or “sloppy” (to much water) lawn, will prove to give you unsatisfactory results.  In these conditions the aerator will not produce proper “cores” or it will make you lawn a mud pit.   

Now, after you have prepped your lawn, use the lawn plug aerator to aerate the lawn.  You don’t want to leave the clods “intact” when you finish aerating, so go ahead and break them up and them settle back into your lawn.  This along with immediately watering your lawn after aerating will help the lawn recover from the stress of aerating.    

If a lawn aerator is used properly, you will see an overall healthier lawn, which in turn helps decrease the time you have to spend caring for it.    

Who doesn’t want that?