“You Light Up My Life”

It’s your special day. The one you want to remember for the
rest of your life. And you want it to be a memorable event for your guests as
well. There’s an easy way to make your wedding and reception stand out, but
it’s often overlooked. The solution is lighting.

With so many things to consider, from the venue, to the
colors, caterer, the dress, flowers and more, it’s easy to get caught up in the
planning and overlook this aspect of the event. Lighting brings a lot of
additional options for design and flair. It can have a dramatic effect for the
ceremony and reception. In fact, it can totally change the atmosphere.

There are several types of featured lighting that can be
used. You can choose one or more to set your event apart and make it memorable.


·         Uplighting showcases a beam of color or multiple colors
going from floor to ceiling. Beams can be placed around the room featuring
colorful accents that complement your wedding colors.

·         Another popular lighting option is color washing. This
technique can actually cover the entire space in a particular color or colors.
Color washing is an excellent option to bring some pizzazz to a neutral-colored
event space.

·        Using lighting as its own focal point is also an
option, especially for a reception venue. Couples can use a custom monogram or
their names and the wedding date and spotlight this information on a wall,
ceiling or floor.

Most experts say if you have a limited lighting budget,
focus your dollars on the dance floor. Lighting can add fun to the mood, and
what better place for fun than the dance floor.

The experts in the Party Division at Action Rental and Sales
can help you select the lighting options that work for you. Call our office
today at (423) 246-5181 to set a time to learn about our lighting options and
the many other ways we can help you make your special day even more memorable. 

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